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Thank you for checking out the Roaming Chippy.

We would would be grateful for any feedback as to how you feel we may improve on our service and our offerings.
Thank you for all the comments we have received.
“Chips and fish are LOVELY!!!!!!!!!.”

“Real Fish and Chips, just as they should be, and well worth the chase to find you”

“Great little Chippy, please keep Roaming our way”

*“Best fish supper we have tasted. Will definatly make this a regular visit.”*
*“great food…hope it goes well for you..”*
*“cheers joe, worth breaking the diet for “*
*“was very good fish and chips enjoyed muchly”*
*“I walked all the way down from the Golf Club, for 1 of the best Fish suppers I ever tasted, nom nom nom. Fish was amazing,”*
*“we had fish and chips for our tea it was well good keep up the good work “*

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Enquiries@theroamingchippy.co.uk Tel: 07818 442 011

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